About Febury

My Beliefs and my passions

As a relationship and personal development coach I believe that; “every relationship we are having is a reflection of the relationship we are having with ourselves.” I believe that our relationships are our navigational tools and barometers for our own personal growth and development: it’s what we THINK and BELIEVE about our life and relationships that must first be realized before we can achieve success IN relationships.

When used in this context our relationships will help to grow and expand us in every aspect of our lives: especially when we utilize them as our mirror. Our relationships are a physical manifestation of what we already believe is true in our deepest core beliefs. Each of us has developed beliefs about ourselves,our relationships, and our world.

Many of these beliefs are limiting us in having successful relationships; such as subconscious limiting beliefs, destructive habits, patterns of self-sabotage, energetic conflicts, and/or confidence and self-esteem issues. It is my job to help uncover what these blocks are for each person. Tell me about your relationships and together we change
My greatest passion is helping women have amazing relationships in every aspect of our lives by utilizing our feminine energy. The scope of our relationships have become increasingly more combative and competitive as we have been taught to be more masculine. Every thing about relating is learned behavior. However, our natural feminine energy has been suppressed as we have been taught that being masculine is what we have to do to survive in today’s society. The truth is that our feminine energy not only balances us it balances our relationships. When women operate from our feminine we create relationships that are complimentary instead of competitive.
A few things to know about the energy of my coaching style:
I believe that there is a power greater than myself and everything I do is stemmed from that belief.
I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
I believe that everything we experience is either created by our personal conscious or the collective consciousness of all of us.
I believe there are no mistakes.
I believe that our relationships are mirrors and we can change the reflection when we change our beliefs.
“Most professional women today have been taught how to be successful in business but not in intimate relationships with men. The number one complaint I hear from professional women is that many men are intimidated by their success.”
– Febury Hassan