Would You Marry You?

Febury Hassan, an experienced relationship and personal development coach, asks you this simple question. Come explore the possibility that every relationship we are having is mirroring our own internal beliefs about life, love, and the world we live in, and by changing our thoughts we CAN have amazing relationships! Are you tired of experiencing lonely nights? Always a bridesmaid and never a bride? Ever felt like…”Why can’t I keep a partner: what’s wrong with me?”

EVERYDAY! As a single person in today’s vastly lonely dating pool you may be feeling…
• Afraid that the love you desire will never come along?
• Worried that you might be alone in your older years?
• Anxious that all the “good” ones are gone?
• Concerned that you might be too “set in” your ways to have a long-lasting love?

Now is the time to change ALL of that !!!!

Every relationship is merely a reflection of the relationship we are having with ourselves. All of our relationships are really only the external validation for what we believe is already the truth. Our relationships are a barometer for showing us where we are in the relationship with our self. Change your thoughts and your relationships change. Change your relationships and your world changes.

So would you marry you?

And, even though you can easily say ‘’yes’’, all those bad relationship decisions of your past scream ‘’NO’’.
What are you doing wrong?
Your belief system is the problem here. In other words, the way you see the world, your life, love and yourself. Every relationship that you go through IS a reflection of how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

“Would You Marry You?” through her series of antidotal relationship stories Febury, contends that we can and are attracting the very relationships that we believe that we can have.

Are you ready to become a better you? Ready to have that mate that you dream about? Do you long for long-lasting love?

Febury Hassan’s, ‘’Would You Marry You?’’ book will help you take a journey of self-reflection that will eventually lead you to self-improvement.

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