Inspirational, charismatic, intelligent, witty, insightful,and compassionate are a few of the best words to describe this take charge Relationship & Personal development coach with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Related Bliss a Personal Development company and Author of the thought provoking book, “Would You Marry You”, An Introspection. Febury is also a dynamic motivational and inspirational speaker. Having spoken to audiences with as many as 5000 on behalf of such companies as the United Way and many others. She is astute in motivating in one on one coaching sessions to inspiring thousands with grace, class, humor, and the perfect touch of candor.

Febury, has a unique perspective in today's environment. The fundamental premise behind all of her work rather one on one, small groups, or an audience of thousands is that …”Every relationship we are having is a reflection of the relationship we are having with ourselves and ultimately all relationships are just barometers to help us gage our deepest beliefs. Want to change your relationships? You must first change your beliefs about relationships.”

This is where Febury shines. Helping her clients and audiences with tips, tools, and techniques to help them first discover underlying limiting beliefs, face and forgive the only person that can change themselves, (the person in the mirror), and finally providing lifelong internal and external resource for lasting change.

Febury, has a strong sense of family values. Being a mother of 4 she was the little girl who always wanted to be somewhere in between a model, actress, wife, mom, and an adventurer. Wouldn’t you know it life answered her dreams. Not quite in the way of her childhood dreams, but she is living every aspect of the little girl. She would be proud. Outside of family she is most passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential through the utilization of more of their feminine energy. With an online blog, active social media, coaching, and speaking engagements it's a wonder she finds time for her hobbies: cooking and hiking or her community outreach...helping the homeless. She definitely embodies her personal mantra… “Be you, everyone else is taken” and “live your live out loud in color.” All of this passion, inspiration, and motivation began with one simple questio
n she asked a friend one day. As Febury and her girlfriend were having their usual girl talk, her friend is going on and on about how she wants to get married and what she wants, and all of her complaints, issues, worries, and concerns...ugh! Exhausting! So, Febury turned to her girlfriend in her usual candid style and said, “ Would You Marry You”? And thus from one conversation 20 years ago began the road to personal development, spiritual, and emotional awakening, self improvement classes, and coaching courses.

So there you have it. Meet Febury Hassan. Mother, Diva, Womanist, Spiritualist, teacher of the art of charismatic seduction, author, blogger, personal development coach, motivational speaker, and coach. Come explore the possibilities of living an amazing and authentic life! Let Febury show you how!