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October 8, 2020
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Sex, shenanigans and Debauchery Presale


Sex, Shenanigans, & Debauchery the funniest, most thought-provoking, and sexiest conversation you will ever start! The viral social media question game that everybody looks forward to playing is now available to you liv an in person!

All the naughtiness, humor, and fun can now be experienced live with your coolest family and friends. These questions will definitely get any party started! SS&D is about opening up, removing the box, and being BOLD! It’s the questions we never thought we would answer out loud or be courageous enough to ASK!

From KICK IT OR KEEP IT, SEX POSTIONS, THE SPICY ROLE PLAY, and the wild and zany questions, this little deck of cars will provide hours or fun-filled play and conversation.

Some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on… unless you decide to take them off!


Kick it or Keep it! – Say whether or not you would do what’s on the card. Tell why or why not

Pick or Pass-Either “pick” meaning you would do what’s on the card and say why, or “pass”. But if you pass you have to pick another card and answer the question or sit out the game! Pretty high stakes! Choose wisely. 😉

Dare or Double Dare! – We all know what this means! But no worries. These are wild cards. We only threw in a few! Honestly, any of the cards can be turn into truth or dare cards. *devilish grin*

Battle of the Sexes- Cards will indicate if the question is for a man or woman. When playing in teams, the team that pulls this card and answers wins this turn if you are playing for points.

Hump Day- These are wild cards. The question MUST be answered or the player is out of the game!


Primary Gameplay- Sex, Shenanigans, & Debauchery can be played with two and seventy-five players. There are no “official” rules in playing. We recommend that players either use these as conversation cards or create games that have a winner. Trust us…it’s tons of fun to come up with your own rules.?

Suggestions for small groups

Each player takes a turn. The first player in turn chooses one of the following.

1. Ask one or more players to answer the question

2. Act out a scenario

3. Request other players act out the scenario

4. Play truth or dare

5. Play naughty charades

Suggestions on how to play with a large group

1. Provide each player a card, piece of paper, and pen upon entering. Each player engages as many other players by asking the question on the card they are holding the cardholder must read the question aloud to each person. Keep a name tally of each person that was engaged. The person who gets the most answers wins. It’s fun to have the winner read the question aloud to the group.

2. Break up into groups. Each group pulls a card. As a group act out the scene without speaking. Have the other groups determine the scene

3. The host chooses five to ten players. The players are placed in front of the other guest in the room. The host then chooses another five to ten players. Each player in group two pulls a card and chooses a member from group one to either answer the question on the card, act it out, or take a shot. Group one and group two switch places and swap partners with other players. Each pulls a new card or ask the same question that was asked of them. Repeat with two new groups.

These are only a few suggestions.

Get as creative as possible, and have tons of fun.



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