Still trying to kill super woman
September 23, 2014


“Thirsty”, as defined by the urban dictionary is: Too eager to get something (especially play) It is however one of my least favorite terms. It is to me truly a definition of the state of our relationships.
“Thirsty”, perhaps is an accurate term but perhaps not for the reasons that many may think. Perhaps people are a bit more “desperate” for love and relationships these days but I would like to suggest we look at it from a different perspective. In the last few decades we have created a microwave society we want it all and we want it now. Problem is just as with microwaves we have eradiated a lot of the value from our society and relationships. For much as I am a fan of social media, on line dating, texting, teleconferencing, atms, self check out, voice prompts, etc… and of course I can go on and on we have taken the human element out of much of what we do. Humans are “thirsty” to connect, love, and to be involved. Yet much of value systems and social structure that was in place that made connecting on a human level more possible is being removed from our society. Women at our core NEED love and security. Men at their core NEED respect and to be needed. But in addition to those functions women at our core value relationships and men value work. We have been stressing to women work and value from a male perspective. Now both sexes are placing work as the core value. Men need women to operate from their core the same as we need them to operate from theirs. Never before have women felt so desperate to be married and men felt so un needed. We are “thirsty” for one another because the society has changed but our core needs and values have not. Now women are being told do for self don’t worry about a man. Our grandmothers were not told that. They knew that a man would come for them so they prepared themselves for a relationship. It was ok to value relationships. Our grandfathers worked to prepare themselves to be needed by the woman that they would seek. We are thirsty… We are parched. We long for one another more today than we ever have. That is my perspective.

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