Top five keys to any great relationship

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September 23, 2014

1. Respect

Everyone teases, but know when enough is enough. Know that you each are different and accepting that as it is. Just because you are a die hard basketball fan doesn’t mean that they have to be too. Embrace the uniqueness of your relationship and most importantly, never, enter a relationship with the intention of trying to change the other person…. It will only set you up for disappointment when the effort fails.

2. Communication

No matter how much you glare at a person. No one is a mind reader. Don’t expect your significant other to know that putting the cereal bowl in the sink is second on your list of cardinal sins. Let them know, discuss things. It may not happen every time, but storming out of the room over it is a sign of deeper miscommunication.

3. Boundaries

Boundaries are good for everyone. Sharing everything might seem like the rosy picture everyone paints, but it’s simply not true. Respect your significant other’s privacy. This goes a long way towards developing trust between each other and strengthening your relationship.

4. Trust

As mentioned in key 3, trust is a must in any budding relationship. If you cant trust each other, its time to reconsider your options. So you want to spend the weekend with your best friend/sister/cousin. No one should have to give up anything, especially friendship to simply make a relationship work. Trust doesn’t break a relationship, it strengthens it.

5. Spontaneity

Remember the silly stuff that you’d do when you met the love of your life? Just because you’re committed to each other some odd years later doesn’t mean that the old spontaneous side has to go in the closet. Breaking the monotony and running away for a beach weekend getaway can remind each other what it was that brought the two of you together to begin with.

Whatever it is, the key to a perfect relationship is not perfection, it’s a simple case of give and take.

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