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Inspirational, charismatic, intelligent, witty, insightful,and compassionate are a few of the best words to describe this take charge Relationship & Personal development coach with 20 years of experience. As the CEO of Related Bliss a Personal Development company and Author of the thought provoking book, “Would You Marry You”, An Introspection. Febury is also a dynamic motivational and inspirational speaker.

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  •  Going into this experience with you, we knew that it would be eye opening.  It was that and so much more. What I took from the experience to let down those walls and be transparent and not worry about if we are giving off the right perception or not. I'm still replaying this night in my mind and I look forward to the next...... 
  • Letting a stranger into your circle is difficult and scary. Your caring and patient soul made it easier to let those walls down. I am thankful for your guidance and understanding in helping us move from dark to light and to continue to be "real" with each other. I not only feel better about my friendships but I also feel better about myself. There truly are no words to describe what happened that night.
  • There are simply NO words to describe the heartfelt appreciation my girlfriends and I have for you! We invited you into our lives, our intimate circle in an effort to simply be authentic with each other and gain clear insight on our future together as friends! As the mediator and "caretaker" for the night you guided us into troubled waters and allowed us to escape them unscathed. I personally can't thank you enough for seeing through all of us and bringing the necessary to the forefront. Until the next time Feb...this is the beginning of our forever relationship with you because we matter to each other and our growth individually and as a collective unit matters too!!

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